Brine Tek™

Brine Tek™

BRINE-TEK™ Downflow Brinemakers utilize the proven design, reliability and industry exclusive FULL 2 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY of Belding Tank, combined with a packaged component system to provide the end user with a turn-key solution to their brine making and storage needs.

Downflow Brinemaking ensures consistent saturation of brine. As the influent water rises, the higher density brine sinks. With rock and solar salts, sludge accumulates at the bottom of the tank for easy removal. This also permits the desalinization of sludge by backwash leaching.

Standard Features and Accessories:

  1. Belding Tank BRINE-TEK™ FRP storage tank utilizing FDA approvable polyester resin construction to meet food grade sanitary applications.
  2. 4” I.D. 304 stainless steel salt fill pipe with camlock coupler and cap for pneumatic delivery truck hose connection.
  3. 8” I.D. FRP gooseneck vent with FRP/PVC vent duct assembly.
  4. Polyester dust collector bag mounted low for ease of servicing.
  5. 24” I.D. top access manway with hinged/weighted cover for emergency vent.
  6. 24” I.D. side access manway for cleaning and inspection.
  7. Optional automatic influent water level control based on brine demand.
  8. Optional Ladder/safety cage assembly for access to top manway.
  9. Optional Cool Weather Protection package including polyfoam insulation and 500 watt, 120 volt Heat Panels.
Brine Tek FRP Storage Tank
Straight Side180”180”192”192”204”240”240”
Overall Height196”198”212”215”228”264”268”
Max. Gross Wt., Lbs.74,00099,000121,000159,000184,000210,000277,000
Useable Storage, Tons233340536375100
Max. Delivery, Tons15192535405574
Max. Brine Draw, GPM20 / 1225 / 1533 / 2045 / 2750 / 3050 / 3066 / 40
Brine Draw is shown with Granulated Salt First followed by Rock or Solar Salt.

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