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What Kind of Designs in Storage Tanks Keep Sodium Hypochlorite Degradation Minimal?

Commercial sodium hypochlorite comes from sodium hydroxide and chlorine. Companies usually get it as a liquid that has a concentration of around 12 percent. Even though it is (more…)

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The Durability of Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Today, you can still find fiberglass boats made over six decades ago. These did not need that much maintenance, and they have not yet reached the end of their life...

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How to Settle on a Good Tank for Storing Chemicals

You have a lot of things to consider when getting a storage tank for chemicals. For example, what is the budget and how large do you want the tank to...

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How to Avoid Water Contamination in Fuel Storage Tanks

When you are storing diesel, contamination from water is a big problem. When the water penetrates your tank, it can degrade the diesel fuel, which will cause it not to...

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